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Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Chicken fiesta

The snap was taken during Silent Vallet Trip(May 2007),in allapuzzha, way to kumarkoan(kerala) and one of loveliest moments spent with great pals like anupam, manish, taya an prath.
Thanks to Alice aunti for taking all of us on the great trip into kerala backwaters and for the lovely homely ambience of her house in Kottayam and serving us great delicacies of Kerala.

Current Mood: Retrospective

Monday, August 11, 2008

Back again..." the scarmblers."

It wasnt a great shot though but the focus of the camera was on that bloody "scarmbler". Thats what i call them (bees), when u see them visiting the flowers and just keep on scrambling the pollen adorned anthers with their hairy legs (like that making of a scrambled egg) on the main disc of the many of the open flowers like roses,lotuses and zinias which provide them a "landing platform".
And so was i lucky to get this one and only shot of the bee scarambling the yellow rose in my courtyard.

Current Mood: Revivified.
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