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Namaste & 
Bonjour Dear Readers..!

They say "I master many arts"...
But I feel " I'm Jack of all trades, Master of none.."
Call me "Am", "Amtrips" or  whatever..!
This is Amrita Tripathy alias "Amtrips" alias "Am" (the bestest of the two pet names I address myself).
Am, the shortest pet name anyone can give me, came to existence when my favorite professor addressed me with this tag, in 2005..! Since then, Amrita got shortened to "Am"..!

An ecologist by education, naturalist by whim, I am interested in birds, butterflies and any colorful tiny critter of earth.. I love clicking thousands of moments in one click..I feel some sort of supra-salvation with the click-click sound.

When I was I kid, I used to have a Kodak-KB 10. I am sure I must have clicked around 10,000 photos with it. It still rests in peace in my parents home.
Towards the end of my master days, in Jan 2007, my mom gifted me my first digital camera CANON S3 IS, after which there was no "looking back". With that blogging came into action.
The first blog I started was Amecomania. With time everyone evolves and so did I. Traveling into wild and jungles no more interest me, my passion for photography still exists in me. It has grown up over the time along with me and I look forward for the day when I can buy a DSLR.

Like any typical "aquarian", I am always engrossed into my creative world. A painter and singer by hobby, my soul lies in blogging and photographing (I guess so, I find peace when I post something on blog)..!
Residing in a colorful city like Bangalore, where lifestyle is a trademark, my instincts for creativity grew with time and my inclinations for interior decors, styling and designing has become stronger day by day. Check out my latest blog on design and decor ~ 'The Demiurgic Man'.
 A normal day for me  starts with a cup of tea and work at office and back home..! What I wait most is the night time, where I love reading blogs, working on my photos and posting on my blog.
I am into a thousand of such mundane cores which I guess many of you on this platform love to do like gossiping, shopping, watching those endless soaps on tv, clips on Animal Planet, NGC that tingle the nerve senses, scribbling, doodling, crafting and not the least 'creating something out of nothing'...!
One must be sure, that if I am not doing anything means I am into something creative..! :) :)
(A few of such mundane works of AM can be seen at Musings of a Mindless Critter)

This blog, Fotographia is quickie view into my world, through my camera and my trails with photography. Some are memoirs, some are story-tellers, some are fancies and whims, many are truths and others just another click! This photoblog took birth in 2008 (precisely one Saturday evening of March 2008). I was in search for a platform to post by photo journey and what else could have been the best place for that... A photoblog!! And here I am with the series of an endless journey...!

The punch line which makes me move ahead always is :

"The woods are lovely dark and deep, But i have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep.............And miles to go before I sleep.. !!"

I hope you enjoy my blog and snaps.
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~ Amtrips

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