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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Yum yum times on Christmas Eve

Oh what a great morning to have such a delicious yum yum English brekfast... Its christmas times all over the world and so I tried my hand on pancakes...
Yummy golden brown crispy soft and mussy pancakes with great combi of toppings- strawberries slices, apple cublets and banana ringlets... garnished with sugar cubes and glistening honey poured onto it and then ready to jump on the plate to hog it out... Thats a christmas eve morning.. A well home made, healthy and yummy countryside "English" Breakfast..

Current Mood: Jolly

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy Strawberry times

"Doubtless God could have made a better berry, but doubtless God never did."
- William Butler (1535-1618), 17th Century English writer

Monday, December 22, 2008

Men in Black with the drums

I had a great time last sunday, Dec 14th, at CKP, feating on the daring dance of rajasthan and lovely sufiana melody of rajasthani songs, the beautiful bihu and not the least the drum beats of the "namma" karnataka folk, that made each and everyone dance with the drums. It continued for not less than 25 mins and was a eye catching scene to see the crowd dancing on the drum beats. May be the drumers were that efficient in moving the crowd with them or may be the beats were so mesmerising that it made the people to leave the place and jump on the stage. whatever that was, I loved the ambience and inside my hearts i felt one amongst the crowd and was dancing from inside, hands clapping in a rhythm and feets giving a beat ... I loved the whole thing in itself resembled a real mela, in true sense.

Current Mood: Revived

A note on Dollu Kunitha-

Dollu Kunitha is a major form of art, occupies the pride of place among folk dances of Southern India. Popular as “drum dance” of Karnataka, accompanied by singing, this piece of art provides both spectacular variety and complexity of skills in the process of demonstration. Woven around the presiding deity of Beereshwara or Beeralingeswara, chiefly worshipped by the Kuruba Gowdas of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh, also called Halumathasthas, it presents both entertainment and spiritual edification.Emancipated with distinct religious overtones this dance has a origin to the traditional past and is in fac traditionally performed at the temples of Beereshwara. Whenever puja is offered to invoke the deity of Beereshwara, the rituals are complemented with the beating of Dollu.Traditionally the themes were religious and were known as the 'Halumatha Purana' or simply the 'Kuruba Purana'. It forms the center of attraction at all religious festivals of Karnataka specially Northern Karnataka. Often it is used to welcome the harvest season. However, it has been now used to commemorate a wedding, the birth of a child or even a burial or a funeral. The districts of Shimoga and Chitradurga are particularly noted for their excellence in the performance of this folk form. A dancing troupe of Dollu Kunitha consists of about a dozen artistes(commonly sturdy men in black dress) as dancing partners. Against the background we have tala, tappadi, trumpets, gong and flute, raised to a high-pitched tenor. These instruments are purposely used to reinforce the rich vibrations of Dollu. Being distinctive in its use of the Dollu(a specialized drum that are struck with fingers and produces a loud sound like a thunder when struck),this folk form is a stylized dance accompanying the sonorous beating of the drums where men in black form a semi-circle and involve in extremely swift and sinuous movements.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Me and my shadow

I asked myself... "Whats that black thing follwing me everytime?"
Suddenly, a reply came- "Its you yourself, who always follows you."
I again asked- "But why do you follow me?"
It laughed aloud and said- "As because I am you."

I looked back, but couldn't see anyone. I walked .. Still he followed me. I asked- "Don't you have any better work?"
It replied- "This is the best work."

I asked- "Who are you?"
It said-" I am inside you that reflects outside as your shadow... I will always be with you, irrespective of what you are, who you are, evrytime, everywhere, every place, every moment, every minute, every second till you take your last breath."

- Talk with my shadow.

Current Mood: Philosophical

Friday, December 19, 2008


This thin lanky guy, from the land of colors, Rajasthan could spit out fire...He is Mr. Ratan, a troop member of the folk group whom I met in the mela. I wasn't beleiving till i saw him... He was so dare and infact within no time, after he took the kerosene into mouth, he rinsed his month with it and with the fire, he blew it out ..... bruuuuuummmmmmmmm............. he did many shots... below legs he blew out the fire... sidewise, lying down... finally he put it inside his mouth and the finale came to an end. That was CKP's Folk Mela, straight from Rajasthan with great songs like kesariya balma, damadum mast kalandar, nimboda... i loved that evening and felt proud to be an Indian.

Current Mood: Proud to be a Hindustani.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kya Kaha ke gaya tha Woh Mahaan Atma...

There was a man who was a stunt beleiver of the fact which we have forgotten, may be we have just ignored in our hectic lives..
Bura Mat Dekho,
Bura Mat Sunu,
Bura Mat Bolo...

And this creature, listens to it ...
Why can't we mankind follow it? Mahatama left an imprint of his principles on the day to day life and thus making us feel the fact that we are human beings and not just animals. If animals can be social, why can't we be?

A tribute to love and peace for mankind and fight against terror..
To be an Indian and a peacemaker is what I have realised.And I feel, whoever reads this blog post will feel the same.

Current Mood: Thoughtful

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Puppet show

I always wondered what these dolls meant by... they aren't just dolls, but they reveal thousand words and hundreds of emotions. The puppet dance at Folk Mela, CKP wasn't very appealing but it was funny in itself, where the puppets danced on popular hindi songs like "Mein nikla gaadi leke" and "Mein teri dushman dushman tu mera".... Well they amassed a great crowd of kids and so taking a perfect shot at night time wasn't that feasible and poor narrator had to come every time to move the kids to one side so that others sitting under the open sky , on grounds could also enjoy the puppet dance....

Three cheers to puppet show of Rajasthan.

Current Mood: Looking forward to go to land of colors "Rajasthan" one day.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Dancing Dolls from Assam

I would love to be a travel writer, I dont know what makes me think that but i realised i am good in few things, like keen observations, capturing candids and just anything and everything and simply need a channel to put forth all my ideas and just go ahead... I went yesterday(third time,since the 10 days Folk Mela @ Chitrakala Parishad on KumaraKrupa Road, B'lore) and guess what, it wasn't a shopalcoholic who went, rather a true amateur phtographer... and i kept clicking my camera for long time... enjoying the dance and fest...

Bihu was one of the shows, straight from the land of rhinos.. and the vibrant red so magnificient on these dancing dolls... half bend with both hands folded at back and the guys beating the drums loud... I just loved the aura of the rich heritage from india... next post continues CKP @ Fotographia.

Current Mood: Finding my potentials..

Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Wright Brothers dream come true

This shot is a honor to the Wright Brothers for their invention "the airplane" and their ventures in the gliding world, into the clouds -flying in air like birds had been a man's dream and it would have been still a dream if they hadn't dared. My first journey in a plane was on June 6th,2007 when i came from my home to Bangalore for the IISc interview. I remember how thrilled I was(like a 5 years kid) and so excited. That's one of my good memories which I would cherish till my late breath.

Check the link for more knowledge on how airplanes came to existence

Current Mood: Peeping into past(gayful) moments of life

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Duniya Rang-birangi

I stole these beads from someone to make payal for me, but i couldn't somehow due to lack of time... and it got spread in hurry when i realized the camera can capture them before they are en-threaded into an anklet...

And so is the name- Duniya Rang-Birangi.

Current Mood: Gayful and Happy

Monday, December 1, 2008

Better Safe Than Be Sorry.

Dedicated to World AIDS Day(December 1st)..
When the world has so many innocents suffering from the helplessness and with the feel to live again this world as like a Viking...I dedicate this song to them who have been fighting with their own self and living the life as normal.

Kuch Is Tarah Se Maine Jeevan Saja Liya
Har Baar Ek Naya Chehra Laga Liya
Taqdeer Ki Lakeerein Haaton Mein Ruk Gayi,
Kadmon Ki Aahaton Se Mazil Tehar Gayi
Apno Ki Aarzoo Ko Har Pal Mita Diya
Har Baar Ek Naya Chehra Laga Liya

Doonde Dil.. Sadiyon Se.. Anjaani.. Raahon Mein...
Chaahat Ka.. Ek Lamha.. Jeevan Ki.. Baahon Mein...
Apne Rangon Mein Rangte Yeh Duniya
Reh Jaayenge Yeh Nishaan.. Tere Iraade Kadmon Pe Tere
Laaye Zameen Asmaan..

Current Mood: Searching for peace.
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