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Monday, December 15, 2008

Dancing Dolls from Assam

I would love to be a travel writer, I dont know what makes me think that but i realised i am good in few things, like keen observations, capturing candids and just anything and everything and simply need a channel to put forth all my ideas and just go ahead... I went yesterday(third time,since the 10 days Folk Mela @ Chitrakala Parishad on KumaraKrupa Road, B'lore) and guess what, it wasn't a shopalcoholic who went, rather a true amateur phtographer... and i kept clicking my camera for long time... enjoying the dance and fest...

Bihu was one of the shows, straight from the land of rhinos.. and the vibrant red so magnificient on these dancing dolls... half bend with both hands folded at back and the guys beating the drums loud... I just loved the aura of the rich heritage from india... next post continues CKP @ Fotographia.

Current Mood: Finding my potentials..

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