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Monday, March 31, 2008

One thing that is pinging my mind and infact it suits to this post of mine is-

"All jams are better and sweeter, and infact tastier also,but never a traffic jam..!!"

Thats one common feature to all metros.. and so Life in a Metro is never better without a traffic jam.

The photo was taken when Rahul Gandhi had arrived to Bangalore and was on his way to Yehalanka.

It was utterly frustrating when the institute vechile came to the hostel after waiting for 40 mins and just a distance of 2 kms or so was covered in a time span of 35 mins.

Currengt Mood: :(

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Orange hued sky..

It's in itself a great enchating and enticing feel whether its the fall of the night in countryside or the break of the dawn in the outskirts of a rough town.. all are different yet engross one common theme, "the sky", .

Much to ado is the beauty of the sky, its changing colors touching all the shades of VIBGYOR... and just few words to say...

Thats a orange colored sky..!!

Current Mood: Tired yet happy :)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Like the dew drops..!!

The water and life ... suggested name of the post, life given by water.. may be the feel is hidden somewhere inside the picture..

Like the dew drops of a winter morning..
Like the rain drops on the grass blades...
Like the sprinkled water droplets on a flower..

Like the life's revitalizor

Current: Overjoyyed and a feel of great contentment

Thursday, March 27, 2008

In this Workaday World...

It's a busy world, I know,
And we must hurry here and there
And not ask who or why or where,
For fear our credits fall too low.

But here upon this hilly crest
There's some respite;and when
The fretting day is done,
Beneath the cherry tree there's rest.

-Ruskin Bond(From A Little Night Music)

Current Mood: Stressed out

That's our Mommy..!!

Mom's love is something unparallel, not to be compromised and always healing. She is the epitome of life. I love my mommy and miss her.

Current Mood: Missing my mom :(

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Standing Still

The way to a forest... and then the river side.. the birth of a mighty river... and then a turn over... all did I see in Talacauvery, but the sillhoutte was the best posed by this tree... on the way to the sholas...

where the path broke on the grasslands... caterpillars crawling on the blades of the grasses... Sun shining with its full pace.. heat pinching the whole body.. still the wind blows cosyily...

And thats where I spotted this beauty standing still, lonesome yet happy forever...!!

Bloody Hoverers..!

This branch of life science is something I have been always getting fascinated from my school days and whereever i spot a bug, a beetle, a bee or a butterfly scrambling the flower's corolla to get its reward," the sweet nectar of life" , i cant resisit my self clicking my camera shutters...

These photos were taken in IISc main biulding.

Current Mood: Satisfied

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Hanging Stable...

Once in a while, when it rains unnaturally, when its not rainy season... the feel is extremely pleasurable... today the same thing happened.. a slow drizzle took place and that made me feel nice against the extreme scorching heat of the sun, I was flabbergasted and felt to post this pic...

Current Mood: :)

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Busy Hogging

On the Road..

The photo was taken while me and my husband were in a traffic jam in an auto-rick after doing an endless session of photo shoots in IISc campus. The normal pace in a metro is u need to stop almost at every traffic junction and we were on our way to his institute( C.V.Raman Avenue),when i felt capturing this fellow on his full loaded vehicle.

I realized one thing... we all have burdens in some way or the other and duties to fulfilled.

Current Mood: Realization

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Serendipity... :)

I was dosing in the balcony of my boy fren's room and the sun slowly set its path into the west.. wasn't too late to capture the snap.I felt content and utterly satisfied that day as the break of the day was the picture grabbed into my lens in the twilight hours...

And so the name of the post..serendipity... for discovering the vivid lively color of the sky by my camera...

Current mood: Still lost in serendipity, peaceful and just peaceful

I am Peaceful..

Yesterday I got back my lost certificates. In fact not lost but misplaced during my Shaadi time. I realize honesty is always rewarded though a bit a late. For last one month, after Feb 10th, I wasn't very peaceful as i had lost all my documents and i knew to get them back was a hell bent job and hard task in true sense. But finally god wasn't that rude to me. Thanks god for saving me in the time of mess.

Current Mood: Content and Peaceful

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Solitude....A sweet absence of looks.

In solitude, where we are least alone, its a sweet absence of looks.

On Man, on Nature, and on Human Life,
Musing is solitude

(William Wordsworth (1770-1850), British poet.

Current Mood: Solitude and Peaceful

Friday, March 14, 2008

Life isn't so easy..

For Swetamma, life was never that easy. Her life starts with a great challenge everyday from the very day she grew up to face this world.. collect the woods to cook rice for her husband and kids... still the women in this country are backwards.. facing problem.. struggling for their life..

This pic was taken in a village in and around somewhere in the outskirts of south Orissa.

Swetamma still works 24 hours 7 days a week in that stereotypic manner and collecting fuel wood has been her daily phenomenon.

Om Bhur Bhubaha Swaha...

"Om Bhur Bhubaha Swaha...
Tat Sabitur Varanyam...
Bhargo Devasya Dhimahi..
Dhiyo Yonah Prachodayat.."
-The Gayatri Mantra

Any Hindu grand puja.. u wont miss this aspect... The Yajna... its the holy god of fire being invited to burn and bless and take with him all the evils... This practice in Hindu culture is from The Vedic Age. The scientific reason behind is it makes the environ clean and clear and pious with a refreshing feel.
Whether its Navgraha puja or some ritualistic worship, or Gruha pravesh or any Hindu marriage... one wont miss this auspicious part.. The satisfying of The God of Fire.

Monday, March 10, 2008

The journey of life

Near by neighbor's home is this jack fruit tree and its freezed during the full bloom time... and so the title of the post.."Journey of life", from flower to fruit.

"Kuch khaas hai Jindagi mein...Kya baat hai Indian sweets mein!!"

India's rich traditional cuisine never forgets this part... "Muh meetha karna".
Delicacies from all over the country are exceptional and have their own savor whether its Rasogulla or Gulab jamuns to Appam
Jalebis to Rabri...Kaju katlis not to forget in the list... !!

Rasmalais to Rajbhog...
Sonpapri to Masurpak...Seera to Srikhand...
Barfi to Besan ke ladoo ya phir Bhoondi ke.
Kheer ya payasam from south or Agra ka petha.....
Halwas or Mawas

Tthe list goes on endless and worthless...
Mouth watering, enticing and rich with loads of calories for sure...
The only thing which matters is they add the vivid and varied sweetness to our dull lives.
Stay by the words... "Kuch khaas hai Jindagi mein...Kya baat hai Indian sweets mein!!"

(*Warning: Eat healthy and less sweets.)

Saturday, March 8, 2008

I remember very perfectly...
I got these this pair from Delhi Haat, this time, sometime in 1st week of August 2007.
May be i was stressed out.. Well no... I am freaked with few things.. like any other gurl of my age, I too also love them... As the saying goes" Diamonds are girl's best frens.." Ha..Ha...

Buying diamonds everytime isn't possible and thats why I land up with these.. :)
But whatever may be the fact, I am crazed and obsessed with them.
Thats what Mr. Mishra once told me- " Amru,dear seems like u r finky and obsessed with ear rings and ear studs... But Amru, meri jaan, u have only two ears and that too only 2 pierces in them.. then why so many pairs in ur closet?"

I replied-" May be God has gifted two ears, thats why...."
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