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Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Squirrel Kamasutra

The other day I was rushing to check my mailbox, ahem... what I saw was an ecologist's keen eyesight and of course a naturalist's way of observation. I spotted the grey squirrels into the act of sex and I observed for 25 min and more. The only thing I regreted was my camera missed it so much...I could have videoed it and taken much better shots than what I have posted. They were at a height of 20 meters on The Parkia biglandulosa tree and i kept trying all my efforts to catch a good shot of the conjugation with disturbing the actors of the great act of life.

Thanks to my Nokia N72... :) as the shots were clicked with it ....

What happened during the act and after is not strange.... the male squirrel was happily busy releasing its sperms when it was attacked by another giant big fat male component. It jumped and ran with its hindlmbs , holding the female clasped well its forelimbs and tried to hide in the hibiscus tree but fortune wasn't in his favor today and suddenly he was disturbed and abused by a couple of hoaders... A gang of 5 males(hulligans) chased the male and its partner to get the supremacy and mate with the fertile female... female ran in the front, followed by its partner and behind were the chasing gang of 5 rowdy male squirrels and screamings echoed over the branches as the fight intensified for few minutes(2 to 3 min). Down standing below the Parkia tree, and looking at the tall Parkia, I was wondering the game of life and the dominancy for sex in the animal world. Soon,after a while,I lost the track as they all dispersed in different directions.

Current Mood: Weather is really awesome @ Bangalore and am happy to post such hard effort of mine on my blog.


Suneel Madhekar said...

Ha ha! That must've been quite a sight! Squirrels are delightful little creatures... Used to see their antics regularly from my hostel at IISc... Miss them a lot in the city life here...

Amrita Tripathy said...

thanks sunil... keep checking amecomania blog of mine... going to post the whole sequence of the act and also a sci-fi arcticle.. on process within a week planning to post. thanks for visit.

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