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Friday, November 21, 2008

Happy Birding @ Morning Walks

A great poet said it-

"Sweet bird, that shunn'st the noise of folly,
Most musical, most melancholy!"

I am so excited with the flock of these parrots. Thanks to my morning walk days when i took the shot. The birds in group of 5 to 8-9 used to do every odd things( on tree branches to the eletirc wire, perching to prinning, fighting to taking dives in the sky) and watching them for couple of minutes(not less than 15 minutes, i am sure) used to be my motivation for morning walk in Sept- October' 08.

Now that winter has set in, I am sure i can spot many more new birds but I am sad as I sleep for late hours and dont get up due to cold and dewy mornings....

I regret the days and miss my walks.

Current Mood: In rememberance


Suneel Madhekar said...

A group of parrots used to pay a visit to a tree outside my hostel window about an year-and-a-half back... At a time when things went terribly wrong at home, and when my scores in the coursework I was doing were discouraging, the delightful parrots were a regular distraction that I used to wait for! I moved away from that hostel, and later finished my work at the Institute, but I will probably remember the parrots for a long time!

Atmaja said...

great after seeing this i remember the birds of chilika
i also remember the birds whose photo we had taken near mahanadi river in one winter morning

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