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Monday, May 4, 2009

Jal... Yeh Amrut Hai...!!

Its summer and nothing other than a glass of water can be so life-giving! Other day my boss asked me, whats ur favorite drink and my spontaneous reply was " a glass of cold water". And that's why the theme.... "Yeh Jal Hai, Yeh Amrut Hai!!"

Water is precious, save it at the cost of blood..
That is going to be the slogan if we don't be serious now, and that's what is Sekhar Kapoor's upcoming movie is all about.. Paani..!!

Dedicated to the upcoming movie of Sekhar... and all those who need a drop to live...to people in places where water is costlier than gold even..!!

Current Mood: Concerned.

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i remember once during my field work, i was so thirsty that i had to drink water from a nala, somewhere n 2003.
after that i never hesitated to do so....because when u need it most, u dont know wehre to find bisleri and u have to use something which u never wanted to....
that day i realised JAL HI AMRUT HAI....
same goes with ur article...

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