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Sunday, April 5, 2015

Bangalore Through my Lens- On the Roads

 I came to Bangalore in May 2007. Its been almost eight years now and this city is my home. I love almost everything about this city.  The weather and seasons, the people and culture, the birds and trees, the cultural hub and flea markets, the concerts and shops, the educational institutes and corporates organizations- these are what make it Bangalore. Oh! Now we call it Bengaluru. If you can mange to colour yourself in the colours of a city, you should be proud to say yourself a dweller of that city. Well Eight years is little less than a decade but eight years isn't a small time either. Then perhaps I can proudly say I am Bangalorean. A city which is dynamic, bubbling with things of my interest, crowded yet you can find yourself in the midst of the crowd, a hub of art and culture, theaters and melas, music and rallies, fests and festivals. What not!

I attend melas- folk melas like Kala Madhyam, Dastakar. I go to shows- musical dramas, concerts, dance fests, and theaters. Traveling in auto, cabs, local and volvo buses, traveling far from home, traveling to near by shopping mall, traveling to office or to a friend's place- all are part of this city. In the midst of all these, my photography skills are definitely honed. I look back and I can proudly say this city has shaped my thoughts. It has given me wings to fly. It has given me love, warmth, hope, dreams and fantasy.

"Bangalore through my lens" is a series of photo documentation of the city in its various forms. This series "On the Raods of Bangalore" includes a range of mundane shots that I have clicked on the road while traveling on a bus or a cab.

NaMo's dream to touch the sky.. Huge hoardings, posters and such pamplets were put up in every corner of the city when Mr. Modi visited Bangalore.

This was sometime in November 2013 when NaMo was a rage  that time. Country was going to see the change.. Well... As they stated "Achchhe Din Aayenge", I doubt if that has actually happened post elections. Modi became the Prime Minister with a huge victory in May 2014 and its going to be a year under Mr. Modi's rule. Things don't look very exciting (to me) though.
NaMo's dream to touch the sky..
On my way to St. John's Hospital, to visit my aunt, who had a spinal surgery in September 2013.

The clear sky of Bangalore, the endless traffic and the traffic signals. I wonder what can be so boring yet so interesting. I always loved watching the chaos when stuck in a traffic signal- the people, the beggar, the vendors, the car owners and bike riders- almost everyone is in a hurry to cross the red light.
Of Bangalore traffic and its men

A hoarding says~" Make lane discipline a habit."
I always believed that we have to learn a lot from nature- the trees, birds, insects and animals that co-exist with us. I find very few people who adhere to traffic rules. Do they know that a small change can make a big difference one day?

Once we were on our way to Electronic City Phase 2. It was almost like going to Mysore or some other town, you see. Thanks to the traffic of Bangalore!

But, breaking the monotony during a bus ride is a joy. My husband enjoys the bus rides but I don't. Volvo buses are blessing in that sense, esp if one has to travel long distances inside a city like Bangalore. We boarded the bus from Mekhri Circle and I engaged myself in clicking some mundane shots.

Faith is all about what we are and what we believe. God(s) and goddess (es) exist everywhere. Like here.

You will see what you want to ...
I saw you
I had been hearing about the "Namma Metro" since I made this city my home. Well I doubt whether the metro service serves any actual purpose. Its like a trophy, a showpiece added to the concrete jungle of ever developing , ever changing  Bangalore.
Construction of Namma Metro- near MG Road
Carrying a camera around is such a joy, you see. You can catch candid images. 

I call these huge buses with air suspension and AC enclosures as "beasts of road". They are silent and fast. In no time, you find them next to you, in-fact crossing your bike or scooter or car. Ever seen the speeding ones near Esteem Mall. They actually resemble a beast!

On the steering wheel..

I always loved blurry images. They have unique stories to tell.  So does the image below. Taken in a moving bus (again a Volvo), this image is a reflection of many- a colourful railing of some govt office compound, windows of a lower class BMTC bus, and a sticker of goddess- to save and protect the travellers (perhaps).
God is omnipresent~ Even in reflection
HP- High Priced, as I say it. Petrol and increase in its price has been a concern. Pollution aside, this non-renewable resource is soon going to be a pain in the neck of common man.
Use Judiciously..
Save Fuel..! 
 Bangalore roads would never disappoint a tree lover like me. Tabebuia Rosea - The pink trumpet tree is one of the commonest avenue trees in this city.  Originally from Mexico,  this tree blooms between February to April, sometimes May.  It is undoubtedly a splendid tree when in bloom!
Colouring the city in pink shades...
 Huge procession- something which is so kitsch and Indian and can be seen perhaps in any city across the country. Somewhere on my way to Kormangala, whilst I was stuck in a traffic jam.
Idol worship of yester-year stars..
A book can be a great companion while traveling. Like I carry my camera, there are majority of bibliophiles  who love to read while traveling in a train or bus. I too, at times, carry a story book while I am on my way to my office in a cab. I had been to KIA to pick my sister and this was  the shot on our way back to home from the airport.
not everyone is interested in the world outside, or inside the bus...
 Billboards are always interesting. I love them. Though they can be scary and cause injury to passers by and pedestrians. A billboard of the most acclaimed and trust worthy company- LIC. Don't we all want an insured life for ourselves, our loved ones, our kids and family!
An insured life..
 He is known as the Pheonix of Indian cinema.
Dr. Vishnuvardhan, Kollywood Hero (1950-2009), an amazing actor of yester years, who rules the Kannada cine world. I remember the road jam and road block when he passed away in 2009. It was almost a bandh in the city.

The Phoenix of Indian Cinema
 Somewhere on the way to Shanti Nagar to visit  an Aurovillean pottery exhibition.
Of course I made some new friends and got to have a cup of lemon tea at 1. Shanti Studio.

I never knew that anything can be a subject for a photographer. It's how one tries to visualize the subject. Stay tuned for more such  mundane views through my camera.

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