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Monday, November 24, 2008

Thaumaturgy @ Fotographia

Why such a puzzled up name...
Well the shot was like that... in the dark nights, as what was caught looked witchy and one of those kindas that can be justified to some act of wizardry and then lots of watching of Harry Potter stuffs these days... and so its like a complexed brain's dilemma..

The title stands for magic/ mirage/ illusdion and so it befits the shot taken on this diwali night.

Current Mood: Magical feel grasping me into a different world.


Atmaja said...

quiet influenced by reading harry potter series.isnt it
difficult to understand the picture

Amrita Tripathy said...

well yeah.. by watching the movie first and then reading the story isn't interesting... its wise to read first and then watch... its at night time, taken a shot of a lighted bunglow... ans its a bit abstract kind of shot.

Suneel Madhekar said...

Never seen a Potter movie, nor read any of the novels... But I like the shot... You've applied a texture to it...

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