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Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Owling Nights @ Fotographia

(Photo taken in Pondicherry University campus)

Its never fowl as thats a dear owl.

The Darkness fell close,
As the Sun from the east
Moved to the west,
Deep into the Arabian chest.
The twilight streched on the slope.
On the hill side,
On the forests,
Into the ravines..
On the river lines.
On the Pavements
And over the pathway...

And then it was all dark
As a black hole' mark...
The night set in...


Walking along the lonesome path, I spotted it
Sitting in the dark balcony, I noticed it
Lying on my bed, on the summer nights, I heard it
Standing in the terrace yesterday, I traced it....
While lighting the cigar,
I spotted it rushing in the air.
I got a freeze,
As it sat against the wintery breeze..

In the twilight,
it took a flight.
There came the night,
With its chest bright...
From my window, I kept peeping,
In the search if it's perching
On the tree,
And so free...
On the electric pole,
With a conspicous role.
In the dark,
Inside the park.
On the roof,
It was so aloof...
(of the manly world)

Again and again,
Now and then,
Here and there,
I saw it everywhere....
Ran behind-
As I had in mind,
to get a flick
And there I click
Once more
click flick click flick
And the final click...

A bird of the witchland..
If so, belongs to the dreamland...
Man said it evil,
Bt I feel it isn't devil
As keenly it observes,
So mostly it deserves.
There's its prey,
On its tray.
Its never fowl
Thats a dear owl.

- Amrita Tripathy


chaitra said...

good yar! goood poetry.. especially the second stanza! wish you a bright future in this business of darkness

Atmaja said...

awesome poem .though quite a long poem but not at all boring.good keep it up

Rajveer Singh said...

Amazing!!! ur writng is superb...Keep going... tell me what ur mom give all 3 of u... all 3 of u r true marvels...

Amrita Tripathy said...

Thanks a lot Chaitra, Atmaja and Rajveer.... I am quite overwhelmed by ur comments and also by my own writing.

Suneel Madhekar said...

Cool! I've tried clicking owls at IISc... But with my point-and-shoot, I've never succeeded...

Amrita Tripathy said...

even mine is point and shoot sunil- its canon s3 Is... well i have a great shot of barn owl from the campus in my home, took last year but isnt that great as like an eos/slr shot... i at times feel i should own an eos camera...

arya said...

it was amazing to read but then i think the paragraph where u say u lied on summery nites and then u end up sayin that it was winter when u lihted ur cigar clicksn the reader's mind a bit
but then may be it was in continuation that through seasons it was that u observed the replica of the devil which u portray as another nature's free creature. secondly i think it has a message that we being men are not free when the creature we despise also is free n this spirit is wat strikes the bliss of following one's own happiness. thirdly a little suggestion taht towards the end the idea seems to fizz away , i mean the vocab has to be strong an dthe way it begins it should even render a reader more inquisitive and wanting to read more... ithink i would have left it unaccomplished for the reader to ponder and then think....................i loved it baby

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