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Monday, July 14, 2008

Wine N Dine @ Fotographia

"Wine and dine" wouldn't have been the best title perhaps to this post but helpless... i love wine and dining... both.. infact i am crazy with them.. and so is the shot snapped in Prominade, Pondicherry.

Missing a gulp of wine is like really missing a great sort of relishing drink down your throat. The smell of the ripen grapes fermented to get the bloody red colored wine. infact the color is itself designated as "WINE" color. I always wondered why many people take the fact that drinking is a offence. I would rather tell wine is a classy drink and should be taken in limits and with the proper ethnic manner.. Its a drink for special occassions and a drink for all occassions.. Had i been getting the chance to ingest a few gulps everyday..esp at night.. with "classy" english dinner.. i miss that dream of mine.. waiting when thats going to be in real...

Current Mood: Hung up and ready to gobble.

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