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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Light n Dark.

Well a name is to be given to this post... may be "light and dark", or "luminesence" or simply.. "nothingness pervaids"... or just "lost in the darkness"(of life: though bit philosophical).. Ahem.. that doesn't matter. What matters is the pictureque where the light dims into the darkness... The shot was taken in Lalbagh, Bangalore.
The shadows reflect the struggle of life in the midst of the hellish terrains of life- well thats what a friend of mine interpreted from my this shot.. thanx for his such a crucial meaning and i appreciated it.

Current Mood: Stressed out

1 comment:

arya said...

u reminded me of so many things through this snap
most importantly the fire that burns within me and the smoke that chokes me up after wards
honestly i am in the owrst situations after seeing this pic
but ten thanx for making me feel that there is a way out of the pain

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