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Saturday, July 5, 2008

Blues N Greens

Something is extraordinarily fascinating about the trees and when i was a small child, my craziness for them began..I suppose. Gradually, it became a mania or one can say a passion and i realised when i did my B.Sc. in BOTANY. The passion still configured into more precised and infact a narrower stream of applied biology and i finally landed up with a msters degree in Ecology and Environmental Science. Though I am jobless and dont know what this subject has future for me, but one thing am sure is I am satisfied that i have learnt.... Learnt to live, learnt to beleive, learnt to bear up with and all starts with plants...!!

Someone once told me that you are obssessed with greens ...I love buying kurtas which are greens esp depicting leaf colors and trees.. Infact my paintings are dominated by trees..well shaped as if real and alive (not boasting about myself, thats a skewed deal though).... wwowuuraay.... i am then... crazy with trees, plants, flowers, fruits... saplings.. plantlets...as if they are my babies...

No doubt that i am obssessed... and the nostalgia continues...

Current Mood: Nostalgic

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