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Friday, December 19, 2008


This thin lanky guy, from the land of colors, Rajasthan could spit out fire...He is Mr. Ratan, a troop member of the folk group whom I met in the mela. I wasn't beleiving till i saw him... He was so dare and infact within no time, after he took the kerosene into mouth, he rinsed his month with it and with the fire, he blew it out ..... bruuuuuummmmmmmmm............. he did many shots... below legs he blew out the fire... sidewise, lying down... finally he put it inside his mouth and the finale came to an end. That was CKP's Folk Mela, straight from Rajasthan with great songs like kesariya balma, damadum mast kalandar, nimboda... i loved that evening and felt proud to be an Indian.

Current Mood: Proud to be a Hindustani.

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