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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Kya Kaha ke gaya tha Woh Mahaan Atma...

There was a man who was a stunt beleiver of the fact which we have forgotten, may be we have just ignored in our hectic lives..
Bura Mat Dekho,
Bura Mat Sunu,
Bura Mat Bolo...

And this creature, listens to it ...
Why can't we mankind follow it? Mahatama left an imprint of his principles on the day to day life and thus making us feel the fact that we are human beings and not just animals. If animals can be social, why can't we be?

A tribute to love and peace for mankind and fight against terror..
To be an Indian and a peacemaker is what I have realised.And I feel, whoever reads this blog post will feel the same.

Current Mood: Thoughtful

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