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Monday, December 1, 2008

Better Safe Than Be Sorry.

Dedicated to World AIDS Day(December 1st)..
When the world has so many innocents suffering from the helplessness and with the feel to live again this world as like a Viking...I dedicate this song to them who have been fighting with their own self and living the life as normal.

Kuch Is Tarah Se Maine Jeevan Saja Liya
Har Baar Ek Naya Chehra Laga Liya
Taqdeer Ki Lakeerein Haaton Mein Ruk Gayi,
Kadmon Ki Aahaton Se Mazil Tehar Gayi
Apno Ki Aarzoo Ko Har Pal Mita Diya
Har Baar Ek Naya Chehra Laga Liya

Doonde Dil.. Sadiyon Se.. Anjaani.. Raahon Mein...
Chaahat Ka.. Ek Lamha.. Jeevan Ki.. Baahon Mein...
Apne Rangon Mein Rangte Yeh Duniya
Reh Jaayenge Yeh Nishaan.. Tere Iraade Kadmon Pe Tere
Laaye Zameen Asmaan..

Current Mood: Searching for peace.

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