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Monday, March 28, 2011

Again One more Monday

I hate Mondays..
Aah I even get the phobia symptoms from Sunday evening (the previous day)... I'm irritated, jumble with my work, suffer from headache...! huh.. Too much to list, I guess. But slowly , I have been learning to be calm and composed, be peaceful, keep it simpler and behave practically (though its difficult to follow at times). I know how difficulty I find to make my life simpler esp. on Sunday evenings.

Nevertheless.. I am learning..I hope you must be doing so, once you realize it.

As the night is slowly creeping for the Monday morning, I am getting down and vulnerable.  But somewhere in the corner of my heart, it is saying me- "There will be again Friday after 5 days and then Saturday.. and Sunday. So go for it. It's worthy." And  now that I'm listening to my heart, my dreams are again alive to live another week and I am getting ready to fight like a warrior.

I believe:
"Dream as if you'll live forever... live as if you'll die today. "
~ James Dean

Current Mood: Sleepy


chaitra said...

lovely photo, honest confession, frank revelations.... :) why don't you try to make the other days also happy for yourself? you deserve it....

Patricia Torres said...

Lovely lovely photographs... wow!!

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