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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

And the passion still exists ...

Today I am not gonna post any of my photo- works. However, I made a tiny sketch for the feel of being a WOMAN, who can balance home and career, for being a mother, daughter, sister, teacher, lover, wife, inspiration...!

For my photography, I must agree it is still alive. And the passion is still intact like an enigma of life (seed) with a little bit of inspiration from my bitter half, a little bit of my creative nooks, a little scoops of experience and a lots of inspirations...

I started to take my passion for photography seriously when I got the digicam S3 IS and of lately (may be two years ago) got indulged sinfully with it.I am now in love with my work and day in and out more involved in it. Daily I surf a lot of web-pages of photographs, lot of face-book friends who are really good with their hands on camera, a few blog pages too...!

Here I get to thank a lot of strangers alias internet friends alias contacts for letting me nurture my skills to some degree..!

I could never imagine I can be good at still photography though my passion lies in actions of the jungle/wild. With time, I have evolved my self into a better photographer each day.
On this occassion of International Women's Day, I get the oppurtunity to thank a few ladies (whom I have never met in my life) for being my inspirations, motivations, and admirations.
Those inspiring flickr and facebook contacts's whose photographs have been constant inspiration are:

Sri Pillai alias Subasri Pillai Photography

Archana Srinivas alias Archana Srivanas Photography alias Rang Decor

Erum Kazmi (Nahal) alias Colours of My Dream

Rathika Ramaswamy

Sas alias Daily Colours Blog

Chitra Aiyer Photography

I wish all of my readers a Happy Women's Day.. !

Current Mood: Slightly amazed with my Feminine powers, Proud to be a woman!
Illustration: Amtrips' Photography

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