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Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Prayer for ...

the victims of Tsunami....

Its going to be one week since the mighty sea engulfed parts of Japan inside it. The earthquake and the tsunami has led to a loss of more than 15,000 human lives, lots of biodiversity, wealth and has made one powerful country weak again. Aftermath is even more horrendous with malfunction at 3 of the nuclear power plants and their subsequent blasts. Japan is going through a crisis and the whole world is trying to help it, support it and Japan will soon recover from this.

This time Japan is particular about "Save the Children.."

Let's pray for all victims of Friday Tsunami and earthquake in Japan. May the souls of the lost ones rest in peace and may the desolated ones recover faster, learning to live their lives once again. May those who escaped the hell road regain the life charm and re-settle once more.
I wish and I pray that...

may the Japanese men be once again back to the work..
may the Japanese women be back to their homes...
may the Japan's old folks regain their life back and
may the Japanese children smile once.

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