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Friday, March 25, 2011

"Life: Celebration of Passionate Colors."

"Life is a celebration of passionate colors."

~ Leialoha Cator  
The joy of life is in happy living, better lifestyle and colors. The joy of life is in the smile it gives us. It can be in different forms to each individual. Since, its one life, one ought to love it , live it and never long for the happiness.. Happiness, always is associated with celebration, whether small or huge, doesn't matter! That's what I have understood.
Its time to celebrate the spirit of life.. with Holi (The festival of Colors), with summer heat, with coolants, with yummy food and with colorful flowers all around the city..!
Current Mood: Celebrating the life

1 comment:

chaitra said...

bright photo.... you know why it is called "boy flower"? :)

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