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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Bangalore Through my Lens~ On an Auto Rickshaw

In 2013, I challenged myself for Project 365. You can see the work here.
I wanted to continue that practice in 2014. But unfortunately I couldn't. Perhaps I was too distracted. Perhaps I was too jammed with things at my personal end. Perhaps I ran out of ideas. I just couldn't finish 100 clicks.

I left my job in March 2014. Went into a hiatus for four months and joined a new job in August 2014. Here I had to travel everyday 17km one way. That made it 34km road journey on daily basis. Traveling in an auto-rickshaw was boring and definitely tiring, esp when your sleep deprived soul is being rushed to workplace early morning. Same route, same traffic signals, same traffic jam- it almost killed my creativity. But one fine day I decided to carry my gadget for a change. Then what... I had to love my mundane auto-rickshaw drives.

"Bangalore on Auto Rickshaw"- a series of photo documentation that I started to break the monotony while shuttling between home and office in auto-rickshaw:
trying to hone my photography skill,
trying not to doze off in the auto-rick,
trying to catch moving and speeding objects,

trying to keep myself rooted and attached to my passion,
trying to capture a city the way I see it everyday,
trying to make my daily commute interesting......
Its a lot of trying to love what I love to do. Stay tuned to see more and more of Bangalore through my lens from a moving(or stuck) auto-rickshaw.

P.S.~ Some photos may be shaky and blurred. Now that's the challenge(for the viewer :P), isn't it!?!... :)

Wall-art of DRDO's campus.

Kynkyny Art Gallery~ A must visit.
On Infantry Road

"Built like a gun, goes like a bullet"
On road~ Royal Enfield
Somewhere on Infantry Road.

A day before 15th August.
Somewhere near Manipal Center

Rush hour~
Near Metro Station, MG Road

Of policemen and their service~
Somewhere near Trinity Circle

Yet to open~
Near Frazer Town

Spice your taste buds~ The oriental style
Infantry Road.

Strong, Fearless and Powerful like Lord Hanuman,
An artwork on some lorry, near Manipal Center.
Of Autowallahs and their drama.
Well most auto-rickshaw drivers are good souls, I believe.
I have encountered only a few (five or six) villains in last eight years in this city.

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