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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

The three cups we all want..!

 "A cup of love, a cup of happiness and a cup of success makes a life worth living...!"


Life has three stages i.e. childhood, adulthood and old-age and all these stages demand these three cups with whole heartedness and satisfaction.

When we are kids, we want love of parents, good marks in school and games and toys.
As we grow up, our demands take a different turn and we want a lover, a secret admirer, sex, name and fame and our pro-creations.
With time, we grow old and want our kids to be around- physically; staying with their parents or virtually; those staying abroad through social networking and online chats, their fame and name and their success (parents feel on top of world with their kid's success).

And I realize that the three cups we all want-love, happiness and success have the rainbow colors in all stages of our life.

Current Mood: Thoughtful on over a cup of tea
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