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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Mr. Bob as Pet ?!?!

The Hoot Hoot... Mr. Bob, The Barn Owl... Mr. Wiseman..Mr. Nightman... The Hooter..!

Of  all names, my most favorite is Mr. Bob..!
 I love owls especially spotted owlets so much that I keep dreaming of have an owl as pet. Well pet and an owl..! I am, sort of crazy.. That's what Mr. Hegde thinks.

Spotted owlets are nocturnal birds and I hear them everyday with typical owl calls that's harsh and loud,  churring and chuckling chirurr-chirurr-chirurr ending with a chirwak-chirwak, after dusk (post-sunset) from my office roof , in my office terrace. At times, I wonder, if some witches are plotting on the ATREE's terrace after evening sets in.This fellow stays in one of the beams of the terrace roof. I must say, he loves to pose in front of humans though his wife is too shy to face us.

Owls, in spite of the blind belief as symbol of bad omens are one of the social birds, closely residing next to human beings and more of so, harmless and big-time pest controllers (esp rodents). In Hindu mythology, the owl is the vahan (mode of transport) of Lakshmi, goddess of wealth.

I wonder if this may be one of the many reasons (Owl vahan- Mata Lakshmi-my dreams of becoming rich connection) why I am awfully passionate about this tiny critters around me and want to pet an owl one day.

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1 comment:

chaitra said...

awesome photo, better name..... where is his wife?

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