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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Me and my shadow

I asked myself... "Whats that black thing follwing me everytime?"
Suddenly, a reply came- "Its you yourself, who always follows you."
I again asked- "But why do you follow me?"
It laughed aloud and said- "As because I am you."

I looked back, but couldn't see anyone. I walked .. Still he followed me. I asked- "Don't you have any better work?"
It replied- "This is the best work."

I asked- "Who are you?"
It said-" I am inside you that reflects outside as your shadow... I will always be with you, irrespective of what you are, who you are, evrytime, everywhere, every place, every moment, every minute, every second till you take your last breath."

- Talk with my shadow.

Current Mood: Philosophical

1 comment:

chaitra said...

nice photo with shadow and light, nice words to follow, quite perfect infact, reminds me of Tagore...

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