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Thursday, November 27, 2008

Spokes of Life

I was feeling lonesome the other day and was aloof from everything, into my world and i realised one truth. A colour isn't just a colour. Its conveys, many emotions,hundreds of meanings, thousands of thoughts and millions of message. The way one likes the color or a person's favorite color can depict his attitude towards life and his persona. I had heard it and slowly started feeling it recently. This is shot taken when the color pencils were found after so many long days gap and didnt know what i should do , just when it stuck to me to catch some freaky abstract shots and so did hit and trial. The world is round and one has many shades of life. This picture symolizes mankind and its varied facets of sufferings and happiness.

Name it as "Colors of life" alias "Spokes of LIFE wheel", , I assumed - "Life is beautiful" as I interpreted......

"Pink"- The color of romance
"Orange"- The happiest,gay color, stands for scarifice and cheerfulness

"Green"- The prime color of the world,the origin of life, prosperity, reproductivity, and that from which its loveliness arises.
"Yellow"- The color of creator/performer

"White"- The color of innocence and purity, peace and wholesomeness.
"Black"- The color of authority and power.

"Red"- The color of leader/promoter and of course caution/danger.
"Blue"- The color of analyzer/organizer

"Brown"- The color of earth and is abundant in nature in many forms.
"Purple"- The color of royalty, purple connotes luxury, wealth, and sophistication.
"Indigo"- The color of agility and achievements and victory.

Current Mood: Realization

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