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Saturday, March 8, 2008

I remember very perfectly...
I got these this pair from Delhi Haat, this time, sometime in 1st week of August 2007.
May be i was stressed out.. Well no... I am freaked with few things.. like any other gurl of my age, I too also love them... As the saying goes" Diamonds are girl's best frens.." Ha..Ha...

Buying diamonds everytime isn't possible and thats why I land up with these.. :)
But whatever may be the fact, I am crazed and obsessed with them.
Thats what Mr. Mishra once told me- " Amru,dear seems like u r finky and obsessed with ear rings and ear studs... But Amru, meri jaan, u have only two ears and that too only 2 pierces in them.. then why so many pairs in ur closet?"

I replied-" May be God has gifted two ears, thats why...."

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