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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Life is a Game....!!

"Jindagi hai ek jung..!!Maro ya Maaro...!!"

Life is battle, Do or die...! Somebody had said so and once i read it somewhere. Now I am getting older, don't even bother to remember where and when I read that line.

Today life is the same. We still have to drink eat and struggle to survive. But the definition of this struggle has got modifications. Its now reformed into more harsh and real truth with the change of eras. Today's the slogan is "Life is a game, play safe and cleverly... if and only if you want to win it...!!"

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Anonymous said...

Such an awesome photograph :)

kunal bhatia said...

im visiting after very long. glad to know that you're still going strong in the bloggospehere.

take care, and do drop by Mindless Mumbai sometime.

also, i have moved my blog back to blogger. so could you change the link to mindless mumbai in your blog's listing to : http://mindlessmumbai.blogspot.com/

thanls :)

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