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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Creativity at heights..!!

I had been to this folk mela (trade fair) during last winter and was amazed to see these typical bangles ...again and again...!! since last 2 years I see them...!! people do buy them.. i guess if it has become a fashion..!! creativity at heights... a rounded plastic and colored threads (monotone and multitones both) twining the plastic and finally what we get is these colorful dangling bangles...!! I too got one for me... Chai gifted me...!! It 's a multicolored bangle...

and when I think of that love...I get reminded of the lines which come to my mind...!!

Bangles.... Oh Bangles..

We are the Bangles...
Not just triangles..

Shaped in round..
Making that unique sound...!!
Love to be in hand...
form the bride's colorful band..!!

Oh! we are not just bangles...
We make the relations tangle...
Now we dangle
And here we jingle....

Oh yea...we are the bangles...!!

Current Mood: Remembering the old good times.

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