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Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Riot of Colours..... is Life!

"Life is a celebration of passionate colors. " This statement of Leialoha Cator makes so much of sense in everyone's life.
Some days are red (when you are high), some are green (when you are productive and fruitful), some are pink (when you are young at heart), while others are blue (when you are down). Some days are orange (peaceful and make you satisfied) and some are yellow ( bright and gay)..!

There are even a few days in your life that are real drak grey and black (when you are damn sad and frustrated) but you also find some days to be white (everyday is white, start it fresh with a new brush to paint the "canvas")..!

While surfing some photography pages that inspire me a lot to click more and more, better and better every time I press the click button of my camera for my face-book page, I noticed a truthful line ( guess I saw that in Lakshmi Prabhala Photography) and that inspired me a lot and lots so much that I have even written those and pinned at my workspace too..!

The golden words are ~

And now that I have spent more than a quarter of my life, I have realized that "life" what-so-ever situation you are in, is always and always colorful..!
All of a sudden I find myself content..!blink blink :P

Current Mood: Content


chaitra said...

fantastic photo!!

chaitra said...

i liked the writing also.....

atmaja said...

really nice..the photo without the writing wudnt hav been so meaningful

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