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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Meet My Mr. Pi

My dear Mr. Pi..
Wished me in the morning "Hello- Hi"
Slowly whispered into my ears
The saga of many years..

"Since you were a teen-aged girl,
I have been there with you...
Watched your small curls
Through the table-lamp's light..

Now you are a lady..
I am still there with you...
And when you will be very old..
I will still remain on your table top..
But when you die..
Make sure that...
I will lie next to you
And say all 'The final Good-Bye'..!"

~ Am

Mood: Nostalgic about my past


Manish Kumar said...

hmmmm... so u have ventured into poetry too... n wat a good way... really liked the poem... keep onn the good work... :)

chaitra said...

why the dying thoughts lady?? liked the poem a lot otherwise, especially everything except the end...

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