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Friday, December 16, 2011

The Miniature figurine of a Giant

Saturdays are weekly offs for me. OMG...! I feel so excited when its Friday morning, I wait for the night to come so that Saturday comes and wish that it never ends. I also wish that everyday should be a Saturday.
Saturdays are special to me.. Reasons..
Shopping, Lazying around, Watching TV and movies, some cooking, and of course gardening, tending the plants and standing in the balcony for hours..!

I love collecting knick-knacks for my small balcony garden.. And this small figurine of the giant was bought last year from a mela..! Made of teracotta, this giant guards my pot and also makes me feel :) . No doubt I am a pseudo-ecologist!

1 comment:

chaitra said...

nice post, please crop the out of focus cactus....

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