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Thursday, December 15, 2011

World Tea Day

TOI (Bangalore edition) dedicated the day for all tea lovers, teaphilics and  "teatotallers" across the world, celebrating the World Tea Day. December 15th has been celebrated as International Tea Day since 2005, first time celebrated in New Delhi.

I am a die-hard tea-lover and each tea cup has a different story associated with it.

What attracts people to tea is the aroma, its taste, the rustic rawness, its colour and of course the variety (esp when today we have so many varieties and infusions of tea available in market). One can sip this "celestial beverage" from a plastic cup, a paper cup, saucer, a steel bowl and also a kullad (small earthen pot).

Oh yea, there was another article in TOI on the Mangalore's famous  KT. A unique kind of tea prepared only in Kalladka, Mangalore. The Kalladka Tea is one of a kind where one can see a clear difference between the milk layer and the tea layer. Its not the creaming on top of tea. Its the other way round!!I am yet to taste this tea.

No doubt it's truly said ~
"Every Cup of Chai speaks a different story...! To enjoy the sip, you need to listen to it."

In love with tea for ever!

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