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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Sundays are Tea days!

"No Sundays are worth without a cup of tea! "

I love hoarding stuffs at home, whether its tea bags, or cups/mugs or biscuits...!
Well here you see some of my hoards~ an Auroville cup (from Sun-shine Pottery), Aurobindo Ashram's paper' factory's coaster (made of hand-made paper and dry flowers), a small bee-plate from Ochre and my favorite Biskfarm viscuits..! :) :) And there sits my Garfield.. :P
Sundays are always happy days for me.  Reasons are not many except for ~
I dont have to go to my job-place.
I get up at my own time in the morning.
I can watch movies on Saturday nights.
Fifi and me have our lunch together and I take afternoon nap..:)
Not the least, have a good morning breakfast with my favorite ginger tea, served at the bed-side.

What else one wants in life more than these small bunches of happiness..!

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