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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Sip it...!

The World Tea Day was on 15th December and TOI dedicated a page to Tea-lovers..
Tea is a classy beverage, a poor' man energy drink, a house-wife morning chore's ritual, a tired man's stress buster... Every cup of tea has a story to narrate...!
Of course as the new article says "It's no lesser than coffee..!"
I am sure many of us who love this celestial beverage will agree to this.

While one enjoys tea in cups, mugs, glasses (steel and glass both), some love it in the dehaati style.. "in a steel bowl.. ! I had seen my grand-pa sipping his hot tea in steel plats and vessels (i meant bowls). And when I am in hurry, heading to work place and have least time to enjoy my morning tea, I follow the 'Grandfather' style of sipping Tea... (I do it most often on weekdays, in fact all  five days of a week :))

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