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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

"Its a lazy weekday, a sleepy afternoon, and for god sake someone give me a kick up for life to live again...just a cup of coffee."

Well after a week of the previous post, am back again with an appropriate photo,esp for all Bangaloreans.. In a proper time set(when its a continous drizzle from past 4 hours as if the sky is spraying the water to all the creatures on earth),
And when its raining like hell at times in the city and at times, a small shower with the earthy feel, the musty smell, the peace revealed...

The downpour at times are furious and thats what is a rainy day all after.Sitting in my room's balcony, i saw the people running, bikes getting parked on roadside and people sheltering under the shops, in sheds.. But to astronishment, the kids loved it, esp little johny.

And this photo was taken an afternoon when it started drizzling and all within few minutes changed to a heavy downpour.
And what the conventional Little Johny used to say:

Rain Rain go away,
Come again another day...
Little Johny wants to play.
Rain rain go away.

But our "LITTLE JOHNY" doesnt say so..and rather he says.. "Rain Rain stay here so that I love to play here...!!"
(Photo copyright: Chaitra S. Hegde)

Current Mood: Stuck in rain and my brain drain.

1 comment:

arya said...

waise khud bacche ko pani main phenk diya hoga
uski mummy daantegi
the pic is very lively
and above all refreshing

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