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Friday, June 5, 2009

World Environment Day- 5th June

Dedicated for safe, pollution free, eco-friendly,green environment on the occassion of World Environment Day.

Being a student of ecology and environmental sciences from one of the prestigious universities of the country, I wonder why can't all days be celebrated as June 5th. A step , if taken by me, another step by you and other step by someone else will make a slight difference for sure and summation of all these delta differences when counted with make a big difference like a tiny cloud makes a huge heavy cloud, drop by drop rains make that big ocean...!!

So, lets take a step ahead to make our environment clean, safe and more green, moreover pollution -free and eco-friendly so that we and our "co-creatures dwell happily for ever like a fairy tale story ending.

Wishing all a greener environ , a healthy and more biodiversed environment..!!
Sloganising the fact "Go Greener"!!

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