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Monday, January 3, 2011

Every Year of Mine Begins with..

"If life is a cake, then shouldn’t it require frequent parties to share it, celebrate"

Yesterday was a perfect Saturday, the 1st day of the eleventh year of the twentieth millennium. The 31st night party was hard, full of jive, dance-floor, snacks and drinks, entirely dashing and we all were rocking. So, I had to postpone the plan of baking the scrumptious fruit cake.The new year eve's cake was finally given its shape as you see it, as you feel it and as it slowly melts in your mouth.

I remember very clearly,my first adventures with cake-baking.No doubt it became disastrous. But later the second one came out perfecto! It was when I was just 18 years old and after that there was never a turning back.

And here I dedicate this snap only and only for Atmaja, who missed her granny chef, missed the good times we spent, and all those special days in home, when I am on high esp. when that comes to baking a cake.I never need a occasion for baking cakes. I create occasions to bake this delicacy.

"Aaahhhh yummmm... hmmmm feels great!"

These are the only words that will come out from your mouth if you are lucky enough to have a bite from my kitchen's rarest/ secret collection (esp. when it comes to cakes and bakes)!

Current Mood: Scrumdiddlyumptious feel :O)

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