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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Burning the Devil...!!

Dusshera , the Hindu festival is connected with the myth that after a fight of 10 days, Bhagwan SriRam killed Ravana, the king of Lanka and rescued Devi Sita..!! Its the victory of good over evil and so truth and goodness triumphs....!!

Few of Chaitra's friends and me made this effigy of Ravana and burnt... had sumptuous dinner and sweets, burst crackers...!! Had a great time. Thanks Pandey ji for the lovely organization of the festival... Life without friends like you wouldn't have been so colorful for sure...!!

Happy Dusshera to all near and dear ones.

Current Mood: Fun times with frens, relaxing

1 comment:

B.Held said...

this is exquisitely beautiful.

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