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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Gold! gold!

Gold! gold! gold! gold!
Bright and yellow, hard and cold!
~Thomas Hood
Almost everyone who knows me, knows the fact that I am impulsive and very stubborn (You may think that how awful this person is. But some truths are better to be accepted and enjoyed).
I had been to the bank last month for sorting out some financial issues and guess what happened~ 

I ended up buying this. What makes me happy is its bought from my savings.
The moment I saw the sun-moon pendant, I decided~ I got to get it for me. I asked the shop-owner the price. Since it was in budget, I had few cash as savings (had got from the Canopy book on which I am working), I locked this cute, elegant and unique pendant for me. After I left the shop, I was wondering whether to go for it or leave it. But my inner instinct (and the strict impulsive attitude) kept saying me~ "Go for it,this deserves your neck only." And there you see~ 
 It is now forever mine and only mine...! :) :)

I always feel happiness lies in small things, in small packages and small possessions (dimension-wise)...!

1 comment:

atmaja said...

OMG(o my gold):)
nice pendent

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