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Monday, October 6, 2008

Lonely Chipper

That night me and chai were walking down from the bus stop to home when i realised that i have a great oppurtunity to try my hand in the dark. Standing below the deodar tree, on the roadside, when the vegetable market was completely closed, not a single shop was open and infact when the wrist watch was heading to 12 AM, i experimented with this flock of chippers and after many, "click-click-click-click-click-click" sounds, what was I got is just a Lonely Chipper... well one amongst the gang who posed nicely for me, hoping out of its nest and walking on the branch to get me a lovely reward for myself...Thanks lovely Bird...

I have seen this flock of Common/House sparrows(Passer domesticus) from past two years by now, on the same tree and day in day out chripping and hoping, sometimes on the roads, other times on the branches, sometimes collecting small twitters and many times small tiny twigs, other times rags and crumpled paper pieces, and most of the times screaming hidden inside the branches of the Deodar, whilst sometimes on the near by on-going construction..

I wonder how these sparrows are habituated to urdan life and have become a part of the "URBAN ECOSYSTEM".Seems like they love the township and who knows they might just have a better adaptibility. A question for an ecologist,I suppose....

Current Mood: Excited.

1 comment:

Atmaja said...

sweet and cute for me as i always keep loving birds.its too lonely like me without my sisters.:(

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