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Friday, October 3, 2008

A cup of Death...

When on the day of Bapu's 139th birthday celebration and "International Day of Non-Violence", this pictureque is dedicated to all those who used to smoke and still smoke and will smoke after 2nd October 2008.
A soulful dedication to the Faggers community all over the World....

Ek Hi Jindagi....
Usse Dhuane Mein Na Uda...

Current Mood: Blank with my thoughts

1 comment:

arya said...

well is it that u kept on accumulating in that cup
i think u should watch the movie"thanx for smokin"
i am moved by the ban of 2nd oct
u must see the bars and the discs at delhi
the horror is strengthened wen u r drunk and u really wanna fag becoz u wanna feel light----lighter form alll the burdens or may be feel happy as if attaining eternity under the bodhi

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