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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Happy Travelling..!!

I realize life is a journey...!! Its we who make it good, bad and ugly. Its we who make it cherishable and memorable. Like this road, the journey of life is with ups and downs and we have to still drive it all the way, meeting new people and having few great companies...!!

I have finally realized...!!I am gonna miss all my friends at VPKW, 31st being my last working day, Devdas alias Anup, Moi alias Priyanka, BFG alias MQH alias Vinay, Chotta Chetan alias Suresh..... Tanaya and many more....!! The whole fagger's gang...!!

Aah , but that' s life..!!

Current Mood: remembering the good times.


Anonymous said...

This is just exquisite.

anupam said...

a journey well captured

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