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Friday, October 2, 2009

Rain Rain Go away..!!

Its raining , drizzling and pouring like cats and dogs, flooding many parts of Western Coast and parts of country. Why cant it go away and let me , you and all to play? I am off from office for a change, as today is Gandhi Jayanti and weather is cold here , drizzling and so i am sleepy. Playing Farmville and Yoville and reading some booklets on Conservation strategy, Thanks to Manish for giving them to me. Overall I am enjoying the birthday of Bapuji in my ways , lazying out under the blanket, waiting for Chaitra to get me a mug of hot steamy coffee.Though my plans were to go out and shop(never-mind to agree that I am Shop-alcoholic), but now I am sleepy. :)

Current Mood: Holidaying and relaxing

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