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Friday, October 31, 2008

Lights n Candles( part I)

Wishing all the readers of my blog a happy n prosperous, healthy-wealthy and most of all a safe eco-friendly diwali.... let the glory of fire and the spread of the aura get into each one's heart and people love each other's company... love their work and make their as well as others life a peaceful one to live for...

Red for vibrant life to come for and the aura of fire to burn all the evils in life... water for clarity and purity...thats what i prayed god this diwali.

Once again a grand diya festival to all.
(Part II- One Life & so Many Thoughts....)

Current Mood: satisfied and colored up with bright spirits...


Atmaja said...

showing light in darkness.hope their will always be lighted joy in your path and may you pass all the hurdles of your life.

Amrita Tripathy said...

well thats not ur words... am sure mom told you.. ahi na.. thanx and hope god listens to your words

Atmaja said...

mom didnt tell me this .if u dont believe ask her
i hav even not discussed about this with her

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