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Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Celebrating Durgashtami by reading Durga Chalisa...Durgashtami is the eighth day of the 10 days puja...! I got this book from Sapna Bookhouse few months back and got the previledge to read it today.
Offering the deity eight varieties of flowers and fruits each.. and semi-fasting, it was peaceful and fun at the sametime.
Here are a few verses of the Durga Chalisa..
"Namo Namo Durge Sukh karani,
Namo Namo ambe Dukh harani.
Nirakar hai jyoti tumhari,
Tihun lok pheli ujayari.

Shatru nash keeje Maharani,
Sumiron ekachita tumhen Bhavani.
Karo kripa Hey Matu dayala,
Riddhi-Siddhi de karahu nihala.

Jab lagi jiyoon daya phal paoon,
Tumhro yash men sada sunaoon.
Durga Chalisa jo gave,
Sab sukh bhog parampad pave.

For the complete verses, check Durga Chalisa here.

Wishing all my readers, friends and near and dear ones a Happy Durga Puja....!

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