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Friday, September 30, 2011

T bag...

I love monolouges... whether its with Chai alias CSH (where he is a silent listener) or with myself or with a T bag...! Here is a glimpse of today's afternoon conversation ... The conversation was between me and the Tea bag...!

I was tired, bored and felt fatigue all over my body. Reaching the kichtenette, I thought to have a cup of hot tea...! I asked myself which tea... (for a change)!!...... Monologue continued for a while (trying to decide which tea flovour should I sip to make myself peaceful, energetic and happy...!
Then came into picture the Lemon Flavoured Tea packets from Twinings..

Tea bag said- "Who wants a dip of me and a sip!!"
I grinned and said- "Me..me..!"..

That cup of tea made my day (must say).

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