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Monday, September 19, 2011

Monday Mornings with The Hindu

No doubt I suffer from the chronic disorder "Monday Blues" or "Mondayphobia".

But Mondays can be at times better.. especially when you get that perfect breakfast.. Few (2-4) slices of warm brown bread, melting butter, all- time favorite St. Dalfour's Thick Apricot preserve, ommlette, bananas and of course tea (in my new mug, bought from a flea market)..!

This Monday was no different  than the other Mondays except for that mishap which shook the NE India. Sikkim shaken by quake on the front-page of The Hindu..! Alas.. Sunday evening  was devastating for many, I guess.. I saw Fb updates "We are shaken", "Ïn trauma, thanks to earth quake"..Ä friend even wrote~"This time I was not sleeping (referring to the Delhi earth quake,that occured few days back), I was walking...!" I felt gloomy with such updates. News channels showing live coverage of the earth quake that hit the valleies of NE India and parts of West Bengal, Bihar.. Monday morning, as it happens, I get various symptoms of Mondayphobia...Nevertheless the previous day's news made me realise I am still better off and that I should be rather cheerful and happy than sulking about my blueing Mondays, irky boss and jammed up traffic on Bangalore roads and blah blah...!

I seriously hope that all my north-east folks and friends are fine and not affected by this devastating earthquake.


Current Mood: Thoughtful and thankful to Almighty

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