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Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Wishes

Another year has passed by... 2011 is over and its "Twenty -twelve"..! 

Hope this new year brings happiness, prosperity, good health to everyone's life. 
May each one of your dreams come true. 
May love and peace reside.
May we all take a few more steps towards "green-progress" ..
May we be good citizens..!
May we try to keep our environment clean, less polluted...
And may the earth have least (no) disasters.

My wishlist: 
 That I will be more regular on my blogs..! That I will take more and better photographs. 
I wish I do well at my job ..I wish to reduce some kilos. I wish to keep myself calm and composed! I wish not to be depressed and be happy and positive (366 days of the year)..Not the least, I wish all my dreams come true..!


1 comment:

atmaja said...

hav u taken this pic .really gud...

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