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Thursday, August 20, 2009

World Photography Day

An Evening in Bangalore...!!
I dedicate this picture to all my photographer friends for catching the best out of nothing and best of infact everything, from still life to nature-o-scapes to wildlife and human emotions... I would have ideally posted it on 18th August but couldn't as I slipped from office staircases and injured myself in my Coccyx bone and currently suffering from Coccydynia.

Praying for myself a fast recovery and all my Best Wishes to the great photographers who live for the memories that they catch. to all the shutterbugs who have a keen sight to catch anything and everything and to all the wildlife clickers who make it
"A life as alive as its in wild" through their camera !!

Current Mood: Injured and in complete bed-rest

1 comment:

B.Held said...

this is simply exquisite.

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